Bachelorette-Recap: Tick Tock Let’s Make It Rock

Tonight, tonight, tonight, OoohhhOh! Who's ready for the recap? Tonight's thoughts are brought to you my brain on Sort This Out Cellar's Rose Wine. For absolutely no reason in particular, it was just already in my wine cabinet! (I'm a member there, you should join too! No they are not paying me to say these … Continue reading Bachelorette-Recap: Tick Tock Let’s Make It Rock

Bachelor-Recap: The Bekah-Bombshell

We have 15 contestants left and 6 of them are blonde. I'm still going to refer to them by numbers so try and keep up. This week we're moving out of the house and heading to Tahoe and the ladies are SO. EXCITED. to go to Tahoe and spend time with Arie, one-on-one. Who wants … Continue reading Bachelor-Recap: The Bekah-Bombshell