Sneak Peek at this Season

I’m really not sure we needed a look at these casting videos. They were all really uncomfortable. Although, Chris Harrison looks like he’s having a good time!

Here are some highlights:
“I want to get married, and have a family.” This is a good answer.
“I’m not sure I’m ready to be a stepmother.” This is not!
“I was a virgin until about 2 weeks ago.” This is just… *sigh*. I was hoping it wouldn’t come this early, but… Hand Meet Forehead!

Chris Harrison and other producers are telling the girls “simultaneously” that they’ve made the cut!

1. Lucinda – She’s a BIG fan of ‘Oh My God.’ And she just ate bacon. Oh My God!! Also, she’s a free spirit. I don’t hate her.
2. Elise – Is a bigger fan of ‘Oh My Gosh’, and apparently is ALWAYS prepared for Chris Harrison to show up because I do not wear dresses like that when I’m just lounging at home.
3. Christy – Is already saying ‘No’ to a rose. Not a good start. And I’m glad she had time to get her roots done, and extensions before she left. Was she really going to get on a plane in that outfit?
4. Lauren – She’s excited! I’m not sure I’d leave that house to go live with 20+ women. But that’s me.
5. Alli – This girl seems really normal. I have nothing negative to say.
Now we get a package of all the ladies, and the “I’m coming for you, Juan Pablo.” is a little creepy…

The first rule of the Juan Pablog drinking game will be ‘drink when he jogs.’ It’s already been featured at least 4 times, so… Good Luck! #juanpabjog

Sean’s back! How will he give out the first impression rose. Not everyone gets their time with Juan Pablo. Exotic Locations! Tears! More Tears!! And finally, DRAMA!!! Can’t wait to find out who the drunk, sob-fest in the bathroom is.

There you have it! The season kicks off tomorrow night, and I’m looking forward to completing my first Bachelor Bracket!!

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