First Impressions

Here we are. Week one! We haven't met the girls and Juan Pablo has already been jogging twice. And Sean's here with really good advice: 'If you kiss one of the girls, don't let the other girls see!' Smooth Sean, very smooth! We get another sneak peek at the women before JP meets them, and … Continue reading First Impressions


Sneak Peek at this Season

CASTING CHAOS: I'm really not sure we needed a look at these casting videos. They were all really uncomfortable. Although, Chris Harrison looks like he's having a good time! Here are some highlights: "I want to get married, and have a family." This is a good answer. "I'm not sure I'm ready to be a … Continue reading Sneak Peek at this Season

Let the Games Begin!

¬†Tonight, 'The Bachelor' returns for the 18th season with Juan Pablo and 27 single(?, there's always one who's lying, right?!) women! I'll be live blogging the special tonight, with a look-in on Juan Pablo's life, his little girl, and then an intro to the fresh meat. It's an hour long special, so I assume we're … Continue reading Let the Games Begin!