Bachelorette-Recap: Tick Tock Let’s Make It Rock

Tonight, tonight, tonight, OoohhhOh! Who's ready for the recap? Tonight's thoughts are brought to you my brain on Sort This Out Cellar's Rose Wine. For absolutely no reason in particular, it was just already in my wine cabinet! (I'm a member there, you should join too! No they are not paying me to say these … Continue reading Bachelorette-Recap: Tick Tock Let’s Make It Rock


Bachelor-Recap: The Bekah-Bombshell

We have 15 contestants left and 6 of them are blonde. I'm still going to refer to them by numbers so try and keep up. This week we're moving out of the house and heading to Tahoe and the ladies are SO. EXCITED. to go to Tahoe and spend time with Arie, one-on-one. Who wants … Continue reading Bachelor-Recap: The Bekah-Bombshell

Women Tell All!

I have to first apologize for my lack of posting. The Olympics swept me up, and then I was one episode behind, and then last week there were TWO episodes, so suddenly I was THREE episodes behind, and I just decided to not post until the women tell all special. In my absence we lost … Continue reading Women Tell All!

New Zealand’s Neediest

This week it felt like "need" was the word of the week. "I need this," "I need that," "I need Juan Pablo to say..." "I need to know how he feels," "I need him to know how I feel." NEEDY NEEDY!!! Geyser's of Love: Andi got the first one-on-one date and it was nice to … Continue reading New Zealand’s Neediest

Vixen in Vietnam

This week we're in Vietnam and all the commercials point to Clare being a WHORE-ible person. They get to Vietnam and Renee gets the first one-on-one date. These two just work so well together. There is a level of comfort, but I worry this could quickly slip in to friend territory. I also cannot decide … Continue reading Vixen in Vietnam

See You in South Korea

I have to apologize for my lack of post last week. I was at the Justin Timberlake concert and didn't have the time to watch the last episode until about 2 hours ago. Couple of notes: I don't want to hear Elise say "Chelsie's, like, a little girl." any more. There is nothing wrong with … Continue reading See You in South Korea

Nineteen Becomes Sixteen

Last night I was "that girlfriend" and forced my boyfriend Matt to watch with me. Here are our observations: Clare, who lives a self-proclaimed 'mundane life', gets the first date and she wants everyone to know Juan Pablo smells like heaven in a bottle. She knows this because on their way to snow heaven Clare … Continue reading Nineteen Becomes Sixteen

Let the Games Begin!

¬†Tonight, 'The Bachelor' returns for the 18th season with Juan Pablo and 27 single(?, there's always one who's lying, right?!) women! I'll be live blogging the special tonight, with a look-in on Juan Pablo's life, his little girl, and then an intro to the fresh meat. It's an hour long special, so I assume we're … Continue reading Let the Games Begin!